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Rural Idyll

Perfect for a relaxing holiday, El Sueño is sited in a truly rural and peaceful location - easily accessible to the wealth of beaches, restaurants, shops & markets, culture & activities that the area has to offer.  

Simply relax and spend a day or two quietly unwinding, or venture forth to enjoy some ... Time Out!

"Thank you so much for a wonderful stay - you certainly have a beautiful place there!  The grounds are wonderful with beautiful plants and fragrant flowers; and anyone looking for peace and relaxation won't be disappointed."

Simple pleasures   Wander through the ornamental scented herb gardens designed around Moorish architecture, or curl up under the scented shady pergola in the central patio with a good book & cold drink.  Relax  in warm sunshine on your private patio or in a garden swingseat, or take a stroll down Citrus Walk with its avenue of lemon, orange & mandarin trees ... 

    "We wanted to thank you for a great week and letting us stay in your little garden of eden." 

Future Project  The bottom half of the 8 acre estate is slowly being turned into a  wildlife preserve around the lake, to create a natural habitat for year-round interest. Further details will be added, as each stage of the project is completed.       

Pure Water As well as fresh spring water in all our houses, both the swimming pools are also ecologically cleaned - with a silver & copper ioniser & mineral filter sand.  

Hacienda Orgánica Ecológica

Over the past eight years, the estate has gently been restored  organically & ecologically,  to create a working balance between guests and local wildlife.  The houses, patios & gardens have been re-built using their original stones, local products & certified wood while no chemicals are used in the gardens - just hard work! 

Large areas of the grounds are left untouched for much of the year, so there is a wonderful array of  rarer birds, plants and smaller animals - which are increasing every year.   

Bees & Butterflies´ herb gardens  

These central ornamental gardens perform an essential role in attracting essential pollinating insects - as well as offering a peaceful aromatic sanctuary throughout the year.


Play!  For children up to 11 years of age, there is also a small play area with climbing frame, slides and swings - a perfect place to meet new friends!


"Thank you so much for having had us at El Sueno. We had a wonderful time and Mimosa was a dream come true! My boys loved the playground and the cat that lived on our terrace  :o) and we were in love with the entire estate. " 

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