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Finca Plan 

Water Meadows

Below the Cortijo del Sueño, the land slopes gently down to the valley floor into the protected Marismas.  Citrus, fruit & bay trees, vines, wild herbs & flowers already edge our four acre water meadow with its new lake & small island.  

This is slowly being turned into a natural 'wet woodland' - left solely to a wealth of wildlife; including many raptors, and other (often rare) resident, nesting & migratory birds. 


Please note that this Plan just shows the top part of the eight acre estate - the layout of the finca will be shown in full, once the new ´wet woodland´ planting project has been completed in the four acres below the Cortijo (please see below).  

Future Projects


During the year, the lake fills naturally from the winter rains and the Rio Barbate which flows close by and out to sea just 5km away.  Once the original water channel has been cleared of silt, we will be surrounding the meadow with willows, eucalyptus and other water-loving trees (to be planted from late Autumn - subject to permissions, as we are in a protected Natural Park).  It will then only be accessible from a planned viewing area and occasionally by a raised pontoon - to allow nature to be seen at her best, without disturbance.  We even hope to tempt some of the local river turtles!

(Photograph taken June 2008 from Cortijo del Sueño patio).

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