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         El Sueño - Terms & Conditions

We have received many questions over the years from our international guests, particularly as we are a small finca offering several different properties sharing certain facilities and space.  Therefore, while we would much prefer to keep our T&Cs short and light, we appreciate that everyone has very different expectations and requirements from a property rental or a self-catering holiday - so hope we have addressed all these points in detail below.   However, please ask in writing before confirming your Booking, if you have any other questions or would like further clarification!  

1.1  These terms and conditions which given below form the basis of the Agreement between the main Booking Contact ("you") and El Sueño *  for the holiday rental booking of the Property named on the completed Booking Form .

1.2  By completing and returning the Booking Form and making the Deposit payment, you agree that you are over 25 years of age and that you accept full responsibility for all payments due and for the consequences of any actions of all persons who will use the Property during your holiday.  


2.1 This Agreement is for the purposes of a holiday rental only and does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between you and El Sueño. You will not be entitled to a tenancy or to any other form of statutory security of tenure as a result of this Agreement.



3.1  Payment terms and dates for the booking Deposit, Balance and Security Deposits will be given in writing at the time of your booking of the Cortijo or a Casita ("the Property). Only one Special Offer, Discount, Deal etc is applicable to a booking and is given at the sole discretion of El Sueño .  Our published prices are given in euros with the applicable rate of IVA displayed, but payments can currently be made in euros or sterling (at our UK bank's rate of exchange at the time the payment is due) by bank transfer, or by credit/debit card (VISA or MASTERCARD only) – but please note that all card payments incur an additional 3% fee of the payment due for bank charges (as well as your card provider's rate of exchange from your own currency at the time the payment is taken).  Please note that no administration costs (such as bank transfer, currency exchange fees or card processing charges) will be accepted by El Sueño to receive or return any payments associated with the booking.

We are a family business located in Spain who welcome many international guests, so we try to offer the most straightforward and reasonably priced methods of payment throughout the booking process for both receiving payments and returning security deposits - providing fees or rates whenever we are aware of them (such as the 3% credit card fee), or indicating where charges might be incurred.  However while at every opportunity we strive to offer a 'charge-free' payment option, this is quite reasonably not always possible particularly for guests living outside Europe - as the banking industry is a profit-making business and will inevitably make unavoidable charges for most transactions at some point, particularly in these economic times.  

3.2  El Sueño will accept a provisional booking and reserve the Property for your holiday, provided that we receive the Deposit from you within the requested number of days of a completed Booking Form.  El Sueño will then confirm the booking on receipt of the Booking Form and a booking deposit of 35% of the rental fee (“the Deposit”) for the Property.  Once El Sueño has confirmed the booking with you and has received the Deposit, then an agreement exists between us until the entire booking is completed including the refund of the security deposit etc, based on these Terms and Conditions.  The booking Deposit is non-refundable - unless the property can be re-booked, subject to our Cancellation Terms 5.0 below.

3.3  The remaining 65% balance (“the Balance”) of the rental fee and security deposit (see Section 3 below) will become due two calendar months before the start of the rental in Low and Regular Seasons and three calendar months in Mid, High and Peak Seasons - unless requested otherwise.  El Sueño will send you a reminder for a bank transfer payment including the exchange rate at the time if applicable, while credit/debit card Balance and security deposit payments will be taken automatically on the date they are due – unless indicated or the main Booking Contact has requested in advance otherwise. If the Balance is not received within the specified time, or by the date the payment is due as given in the original booking email, El Sueño reserves the right to cancel your booking and retain the Deposit.  Where no communication is received from the guest after a second request for payment, El Sueño will treat the booking as a cancellation.

3.4  Prices given are in Euros per Property, per week for the maximum number of persons including adults, children and babies as stated on our website (see Section 7 below), unless stated otherwise.  Both El Sueño's property rental prices and any additional services will have IVA added at the applicable rate (as there are different bands), where appropriate. If IVA rates change, El Sueño reserves the right to amend our prices at any time accordingly (including for any outstanding balance payment if applicable) and an IVA receipt can be issued on request, once the full payment has been received.

3.5 The Booking Form must be completed by the main Booking Contact, to ensure all the correct details are included. No subsequent changes may be made to any part of the Booking Form either prior to arrival or during a booking, without the main Booking Contact first informing El Sueño in writing and then obtaining El Sueño's agreement also in writing - including changes of dates, property, or the names or number of booked guests as agreed at the time of booking and in the Booking Form
.  Telephone conversations or texts are not considered either an agreement or confirmation by El Sueño of any changes discussed, as there still needs to be a confirmation in writing by both parties.

3.6 All Security Deposits are returned by bank transfer from the account into which they are paid, which includes credit/debit card payments - as due to banking security measures, El Sueño is unable to return this amount directly onto a card without the cardholder present to enter their pin number.  Payments from the euro account can be returned in the guest's currency of choice, while payments from our sterling account can only be in sterling.  


There is a minimum booking period of one week with a Saturday changeover in all five properties, during the busier months of April to October inclusive (which may start at the end of March and finish in early November). During Low Season months of November to mid February (approx), we can be more flexible with changeover dates including booking lengths  - with one week minimum in all four Casitas and a ten night minimum in the Cortijo, unless otherwise stated.  

4.2  Summer booking slots: these have been used very successfully for the past few years to create a more relaxed and uncrowded approach during the Summer school holidays, so children can meet new friends by the play areas and shared Casitas swimming pool (the Cortijo has its own private pool).  During the most popular European school Summer holiday weeks from early July to late August we only offer two week booking slots in the four larger properties (Mimosa, Alcornoque, Pimienta & Cortijo) for individual families with school-age children aged 18 years or under - single weeks are available at the beginning and/or end of these dates, depending on changeover slots.  Families can include grandparents, while the larger Cortijo can accommodate larger groups of families and friends with school-age children, eg two families booked together of four persons each. Almendra remains available for weekly bookings throughout the Summer for adults, including individuals and couples, as well as a baby under 12 months sleeping in a travel cot. The booking slots and changeover dates for these four larger properties are set in advance and staggered in pairs on alternate weekends during these two months, which allows our small team of staff to fully clean and check them in the limited hours between back-to-back bookings.  

4.3 The holiday rental period of a property begins at 16:00 on the first day of the booking period and ends at 10:00 on the day of the departure from April to October inclusive, although we will always try to be more flexible at other times - depending on previous and following bookings, availability of staff (housekeeping, as well as third party eg plumber etc) to prepare the property.  To allow for sufficient time for our staff to check and clean the property during the limited hours on a changeover, these stated times are not flexible - as we have back-to-back bookings during our busier months of April to October, especially in the warmer Summer months of May to September. If your stay extends beyond this stated booking period, you may be subject to an extra charge for the additional days or extra staff required to changeover the Property in a reduced time before the following booking.  In case of absence of the booking party members but where personal items are still present in a Property outside of the agreed or unpaid booking period, our staff may also remove any personal items from the property and put them in an open area for collection eg to allow for a changeover and the following booking to arrive.  To allow our staff sufficient time to changeover the properties and shared facilities, as well as carry out noisier and more intrusive work in the communal areas or grounds between bookings - please note that guests cannot arrive outside of the specified rental hours, or wait on the grounds of the finca.  There are also no secure communal facilities to store luggage, personal items or valuables, at any time before, during or after a booking.

4.4 Detailed Arrival Notes and Directions from the arrival airport (s) or previous location(s), including security access codes for front gates, combination key lock boxes and property safe(s) as well as contact numbers will be sent after the Balance payment and Security Deposit(s) have been received in full - once we have received the travel details of the main Booking Contact including expected arrival and departure times of all members of the group, as requested on the Booking Form.  The main Booking Contact is responsible for all members of their group to ensure they are aware of this information, particularly those who might be arriving earlier or departing later than them (within set booking hours) - including arranging alternative directions, organising additional services such as shopping and catering etc.  If any person arrives without knowing the security access codes for the gates or the key lock box of a property, for security of our other guests staying on the finca including young families, please note that they will be asked to identify themselves by a member of staff and may be asked to leave the finca until the main Booking Contact arrives, unless either the office of  El Sueño  or the main Booking Contact can be contacted to authorise their access.  (All persons not listed on any current Bookings Form will be asked to leave immediately.)

5.1 You may cancel your booking at any time before arrival, provided you do so in writing to El Sueño - but you will remain liable for any outstanding Balance of the holiday rental fee, if this cancellation is made on or after the date the final Balance payment is due (as given in the initial booking emails).  Therefore, we strongly advise that guests take out insurance to cover for all eventualities at the time of booking rather than just from the date of travel - as most reasons that lead to a cancellation occur before departure.  
Please note that insurance companies do check booking details;  so we are happy to  provide all necessary correspondence to support a claim, should this be required.

Once a property is confirmed as cancelled, El Sueño will seek to re-let the Property for all or part of the booking period cancelled and, if successful, will refund the net amount of any re-booking payment received accordingly as a goodwill gesture - less any late deal/special offer discounts, as well as administrative costs (such as bank transfer charges, credit card fees, exchange rate differentials and additional late offer advertising fees on third party websites).  Therefore even if the property is re-booked for the full period, the amount refunded may be considerably less than the payment initially made - due to any combination of these factors.  (The refundable security deposit is considered a separate payment and so will be refunded regardless, either once a property is re-booked or within 14 days of the original departure date if the property is not re-booked.)

5.2 El Sueño  reserves the right to re-let the Property at a discount or for a shorter period - in which case El Sueño will pay the refund, or a proportion of it if the Property is re-let for a shorter period, less any discount and any administration charges.  Neither the Deposit or Balance are automatically refundable regardless of the date of cancellation (ie even if made before the balance payment is due), as they will first be required to cover the loss in booking income at the published rate eg if the property is re-booked at a discount, the costs of bank and advertising charges, additional mid-week housekeeping or other third-party charges, as well as currency exchange fluctuations between the original and new booking dates or if the new booking payment is received in a different currency to that of the original and so has to be converted for a refund.  Therefore, if El Sueño  do not re-let the Property, or are unable to recover their additional costs when re-booking a property, no refund will be made.  

5.3 El Sueño reserves the right to cancel the booking anytime in the event of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of El Sueño, or if in the reasonable opinion of El Sueño it is necessary to undertake essential works at the Property.  In these unlikely circumstances El Sueño will endeavour to offer a suitable alternative property on the Finca.  If no such alternative property rental is available or agreed between us, then El Sueño will refund in full all money received by us for the booking. El Sueño will not otherwise be liable for any loss incurred by you as a result of the cancellation.



6.1  El Sueño will endeavour to assist you in a transfer of a booking to an alternative property on the Finca or an alternative date at your request, within reason and subject to availability.  Please note that any administrative charges incurred will be made, in addition to any costs of the revised arrangement - such as the loss of rent on the original property if it cannot be re-let or only re-let at a discounted rate, and/or the increased rent due on the alternative property (although all efforts will be made to re-book the original property).   Confirmation of any amendments requested must be sent by the main Booking Contact in writing and any agreed changes also agreed by El Sueño in writing (email), before they are considered confirmed.

6.2  Changes to a booking cannot usually be accepted within two calendar months of the start date of the holiday in Peak, High and Mid Seasons and one month in Mid, Regular and Low Seasons.  If a change or transfer of a booking results in a reduction in the length of the holiday at any time, it will be regarded by El Sueño as a cancellation of any applicable dates - (please see Section 5 above).


7.1 You must not use the Property for any purpose other than that of a holiday, for any activity or in such a way including unsocial behaviour or noise as to cause nuisance or annoyance to El Sueño and staff, its other guests or its neighbours.   Functions, celebrations, group meetings, courses & training, ceremonies and parties are not permitted without the written agreement of El Sueño  - we are a private finca with shared facilities and other booked guests to consider, while we do not have a licence, size (especially the Casitas) or suitable facilities to accommodate such events. 

The main Booking Contact is also required to be resident for every night of the booking period in normal circumstances, unless agreed otherwise in advance with El Sueño(Please also let us know if the main Booking Contact intends to be absent for any nights during the booking for our own records, eg in another location such as Morocco, Granada etc.) Full information of all guests staying in the Property during the booking must be disclosed during the enquiry process and agreed with El Sueño before the booking is confirmed, with details of all guests including their names (ages if under 18 years) and dates of occupancy provided on the Booking Form.  Once a Booking Form has been accepted and the booking confirmed, any future changes to the number of guests, names of guests and nights resident must first be agreed in writing immediately before the organisation of any new travel plans.  If the property booked is then no longer suitable for the guests eg number, mobility requirement etc, all efforts will be made to offer an alternative property on the finca - subject to availability and additional charges if applicable.

7.2 You and your guests must comply with any reasonable request relating to the Property, or the Finca within which the Property is situated, which will be given to you on your arrival at the Property in the Information Book in the Property, signs displayed around the Finca and on request by El Sueño .  Typical examples would include requests for care and maintenance of the Property and its contents including useage of the woodburner and barbeque, WiFi useage (including access and limitations) per property, swimming pool safety, picking of plants, waste disposal and recycling of guests' own refuse.

7.3 The rental price will include all charges for reasonable consumption and useage of water, gas (bottled), electricity, firewood and  WiFi - within the limitations available or offered.  Guests are not permitted to bring or use any additional appliance other than that which is provided in the property, particularly (electric or gas) heaters, air conditioners or barbeques.  A final clean of the property and a light general weekly clean of the Property during the booking with a full change of bedlinen and bathroom towels is also included, as specified at the time of booking.  All linen included in the rental of the Property will also be laundered by El Sueño.  Any additional housekeeping (cleaning, linen changes etc) requested during the booking must be agreed and paid for separately at the time, while El Sueño  is entitled to make an additional charge if extra cleaning is necessary as a result of the property being left in a dirty condition upon your departure.

7.4  We ask that all guests comply with any instructions found in the Information Book in the Property regarding the appropriate fuel for use on open fires or woodburning stoves within the Property and charcoal barbeque on the patio and also their sensible useage.  All costs of any damage to both Property and its contents or grounds of the Finca as well as all associated costs caused by using inappropriate useage or fuel will be paid in full to the guest.


8.1   Only persons whose names are listed on the Booking Form at the time the booking is made may occupy or visit the Property and Finca, during the specified rental period agreed.  If there are any changes or additions to any guest(s) during a booking, the main Booking Contact will need to have these agreed and confirmed in writing with El Sueño at least seven days before arrival - subject to the stated property maximum occupancy numbers of adults, children and babies. 

8.2  The number of people staying in the Property per booking must not exceed the maximum number stated on the website or in written communication from El Sueño, with all guests sleeping in the stated available beds and appropriate beds only.  The maximum occupancy number includes all children and babies, unless otherwise stated on the Property's individual web page.  All children aged two years or over will require a separate bed of their own and no additional folding beds/sofabeds or mattresses are offered or included in any property, nor can existing beds or mattresses be moved around into different bedrooms for alternative sleeping arrangements to those stated - although one twin bedroom can be made up as a king double on request in each of the two and three bedroom Casitas, (with one or both twin bedrooms in the Cortijo). 

8.3  To prevent overcrowding and sensible use of shared facilities such as both fresh and waste water systems, electricity, Casitas swimming pool etc, there is also a maximum of one individual family per booking staying in each Casita (grandparents are included), particularly during the school holidays and the busier Mid, High and Peak Season weeks -although groups of extended family and friends of up to eight persons in total including all children and babies may share the Cortijo.  However, during Low and some quieter Regular Season periods non-related groups etc two couples with a baby each or a small group of friends for example may share a two or three bedroom Casita, with a maximum of four adults in any of these properties at any time.

8.4  El Sueño reserves the right to limit the number of properties booked together by the same group of friends, colleagues or extended family at any one time - particularly during the busy High and Peak Season weeks, or where we cannot offer suitable space and/or facilities for groups to eat and socialise all together (eg inside the Casitas during the cooler months). When booking the Cortijo as part of a group booking, the maximum booking allowed is three properties to also include Almendra Casita - or 16 guests in total, to include all children.  In Low & Regular Season periods only, a group booking for all four Casitas when each property is booked individually by a separate family/unit may also be considered, up to a maximum of 18 guests to include all children - please enquire for available and suitable dates.

8.5 For a number of key reasons including insurance and the enjoyment of the finca by other booked guests, particularly regarding the safety of children, overall security, overcrowding, noise and the useage of key shared facilities, we do not allow any non-residents or (local) visitors either renting, living locally or travelling through the area onto the grounds of the Finca, or either visit or stay in the Property during a booking.

Please note that the booking and occupation limits are also realistically set in line with the size and type of services/fittings available in each Property, our limited natural resources and ecological principles - as well as in consideration of other guests staying on the Finca and using shared facilities, such as water supply, septic/waste water systems and the shared Casitas swimming pool. To exceed the maximum number of persons in a Property overloads the facilities available, which are often not designed or capable of supporting additional usage and can lead to extensive and expensive damage – which then in turn directly affects the other current and following guests.

8.6 Any additional visitors or over-occupancy is considered to be a serious infringement of the Terms and Conditions and will likely result in an requirement for not just the additional guests but the full booking party to immediately vacate the property and the Finca.  There will also be no refund of monies paid or due including the balance of any remaining rental period or the full security deposit, while there may also be further charges in the event of additional cleaning required and damage to the facilities caused by excess usage (for example, housekeeping and laundry, breakages, property damage or blocked drainage/malfunctioning septic tank which has been used by a greater number of people than the facility is designed for).



9.1 From the time of arrival to the time of departure, the main Booking Contact is given responsibility for the self-catering property on behalf of all the booked guests in the group throughout the agreed booking period and must be resident every night of the booking in normal circumstances.  You agree to keep the Property and its contents in the same condition and repair as on your arrival and to also leave the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness and general order on departure.  Our bilingual staff will be on hand throughout your stay to assist you during your booking, if you have any questions or concerns - including a daily Caretaker and 24 telephone contact numbers for emergencies.  As a finca with other properties sharing facilities, guests are expected to take all care and consideration for other guests staying on the Finca at the same time - particularly where children are concerned in terms of safety and general behaviour.  If serious concerns are raised, we reserve the right to ask the guest or booking to leave immediately.

You and your guests are responsible for taking all reasonable care of the Property and its contents - as well as your useage of all shared facilities used such as the Casitas Utility/Laundry Room, Casitas swimming pool and bathroom, garden areas and children's play area, throughout the rental period.  At the end of the hire period, the Property and its contents, including all equipment, furniture, utensils, etc must be left clean and tidy which includes the crockery and cutlery cleaned and stored in the appropriate cupboards and ensure that the cooker, oven, fridge and microwave are clean. You will also ensure that the barbeque is cleaned and that all rubbish (apart from that which is indicated as recyclable on the finca such as ash, compost and paper) is cleared away from the property and placed in the village communal dustbins and recycling bins on your departure.

9.2 In the event of any housekeeping concern, maintenance problem or malfunction of any appliance or equipment, a missing requested item or additionally required (eg bed guard), either on arrival or during the rental of the Property, you are expected to report this to the Caretaker or El Sueño office immediately (in person, by email or telephone) - so that it can be resolved promptly for you including checks, replacement, repairs or maintenance, particularly where matters of security or health & safety are concerned, such as lost or missing keys, white goods & utilities, woodburning stove etc.  Once informed El Sueño staff will then have a further period of 24 hours including one working day (Monday to Friday) if necessary to rectify any reasonable concerns such as housekeeping or maintenance issues in a comparable and proportionate manner eg the replacement or repair of item, additional housekeeping, or as soon as the required professional or part is available which may take a little longer eg the breakdown of dishwasher, blocked pipe etc. We also ask that any loss, damage or breakage of items through general wear & tear during a booking must be promptly reported to the Caretaker, so that we can organise a quick repair or replacement – for the enjoyment of both yourselves during holiday and the following booking. Please note that general wear & tear or replacements through normal every day useage (or the occasional broken glass or plate!) are expected, so such items are never deducted from the security deposit -  we therefore appreciate your help in keeping our properties in as good order as possible, thank you!

If booking guests are absent, El Sueño (and their designated workmen) have the right to enter the property at any reasonable time for essential maintenance or inspection, although 24 hours notice will be given whenever possible  - with immediate access at any time in case of emergency, or for urgent or essential repairs as deemed necessary by El Sueño or any third party professional attending on our request. If it is not possible for the guests to safely remain in the property for any period between 20:00-08:00 of the booking due to no fault of the guests, then El Sueñowill either re-accommodate them in another suitable property on the finca during repairs or the remainder of the stay as required, or help source similar accommodation elsewhere.  However, if the reason a property is not habitable is caused by any guest in the booking either deliberately or carelessly, then El Sueño takes no responsibility or expense in sourcing alternative accommodation or providing a refund - while all costs for restoring the property, contents or services to their original condition will be paid for by the main booking contact within 14 days of receiving any receipts.

9.3 No pet is permitted in a Property.  However, if you use a working dog (eg guide, hearing etc) and wish to stay at one of our properties where dogs are not normally permitted, please discuss with our staff at the time of enquiry - as we will make every effort to accommodate both your and the animal's needs within reason. In all such cases you must obtain written permission from El Sueño and may be subject to additional terms and conditions as well as security deposit.   

Please note: there are rescued farm cats living on the finca which are vaccinated and neutered, as well as a regular visiting pet dog belonging to a non-resident member of staff - however, while they are all gentle and safe around children, they are not allowed in any of the houses.  As the finca is run ecologically and also located in a rural agricultural community within a protected Natural Park, there is a wide selection of local natural wildlife including insects, mammals and birds around all the properties, farmed livestock including goats, horses and cattle in the local area, as well as domestic pet dogs and cats owned by neighbours which may visit occasionally too.  We want all of our 'visitors' to enjoy their time with us - whether they are two, four, six or eight-footed!  Therefore if you are allergic to any particular animals or simply do not like them close by, please do contact us before making a booking if you have any questions or concerns.

9.4  You must allow anyone authorised by El Sueño to enter the Property during the rental period to inspect the condition, if issues or concerns are raised either by a member of the booking, a member of our staff or other guests (eg that are contrary to these Terms & Conditions). El Sueño will endeavour to give you reasonable notice of such a visit - except in an emergency when immediate access must be allowed either for staff or third party professionals.  Routine inspections by emergency services, local government departments (eg for tourism or health & safety licences) or other appropriate authorities will also be given access - with as much notice as possible given and a member of staff present throughout if allowed.

9.5  Smoking in any form is not permitted in any part of the Property and you and all your guests agree not to smoke on the Finca at any time. 

9.6  The use of candles (other than those of a similar size and type used within the holders or containers provided) or fireworks by you and your guests at the Property or on the Finca is not permitted. Cleaning costs or damage caused by spilt wax or burns will be charged for. Use of barbeques, other than the one for each property provided for the sole purpose of cooking food using charcoal only, is not permitted at any time.

9.7 You agree to pay to El Sueño upon written demand any costs incurred in making good any loss or damage to the Property or its contents caused by your action or omission or that of any guest accompanying you that exceed the Security Deposit(s), other than normal wear and tear.  El Sueño  will also be entitled to make an additional charge to the Customer if extra cleaning is made necessary as a result of the property being left in a dirty condition upon the Customer's departure.


10.1 El Sueño reserves the right to refuse any booking at any time, either during the enquiry and booking process -  as well as after the booking is confirmed but before arrival, if the booking requirements change or further information reveals that it would not be suitable (eg additional numbers, pets etc).

10.2 El Sueño reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and ask you and your guests to leave immediately if this is deemed necessary by El Sueño as a result of your behaviour or that of your guests, or any other material breach by you of the terms of this Agreement.


11.1  All bookings will require a Security Deposit, the amount of which will be given at the time of enquiry and will be payable with the final Balance to El Sueño . Additional deposits, such as for working/disability dogs, longer term rentals etc, will also be agreed at the time of booking as required and are subject to the same Terms & Conditions - along with any additional conditions that may be requested, which will be provided before booking confirmation.  

11.2  The Security Deposit(s) provides cover for the cost of any damage and/or breakages caused by the guest in or to the property, as well as any requirement for additional cleaning where the Property is not left clean.  Reasonable allowance will be made for normal wear & tear and breakages such as an occasional glass etc, but not when an item has been removed from the premises, lost, used inappropriately or carelessly.  If the total Security Deposit(s) amount is not sufficient to cover the cost of any additional cleaning, excess use of utilities, loss, breakages and/or damage cause as well as other agreed services or costs incurred, you will be responsible for full payment of any additional charges, costs and/or losses incurred on request. 

11.3 El Sueno will automatically include additional deposit(s) amounts where applicable or required for our insurance purposes, such as for assistance dogs - whether such items or deposits are requested or not.

11.4 Where an additional deposit is held (eg for a working dog), if the total repair, replacement or bill costs exceed the initial Security Deposit, then the balance will then be taken from this additional deposit - and vice versa as applicable. 

11.5  The Security Deposit will be returned by El Sueño within 14 working days from the last date of the rental period by bank transfer, subject to these Terms & Conditions and contact with the guest including receiving the bank transfer information and transfer facilities being available. (Please also read section 2.1 above regarding fees and charges).   El Sueño will contact the guest in writing by email after departure, regarding the security deposit and will also send a reminder if there is no response.  However, if the guest fails to claim their security deposit within six months after departure, then this security deposit will be donated to a local animal charity.


12.1  El Sueño will endeavour to inform you at the time of booking of any changes to the web site description of the Property, or of any events (such as repair or building work) which may be taking place in or near the Property on the Finca itself during your holiday. El Sueño does not accept any liability for any works or activity of any sort occurring on neighbouring and local agricultural property, particularly as we are located in a rural farming area.

12. 2  As with any type of property, there is a need for ongoing maintenance and occasionally unforeseen work, so El Sueño and its contractors may enter the Property at any reasonable time for reasonable cause – although we always seek to carry out such work between bookings or during changeovers wherever reasonably possible.  Please note that we are just a small family business and although we have a friendly Caretaker available for general assistance and 24 hour contact numbers for emergencies, we do not employ professional tradesmen 24 hours a day like large holiday resorts or hotels - while we are also subject to the vagaries of life such as occasional acts of god (eg rainstorms) power cuts, slow internet connection etc, which are simply outside of our control and cannot be anticipated.  Therefore, while we always strive to resolve any matters or concerns as quickly as possible, there will be times, particularly during the busier Summer months or Sunshine Tour periods in particular, where there may be unavoidable delays – particularly if labour or parts are dependent on external professionals or suppliers. El Sueño will always do their best to either undertake themselves or organise any work with professionals as quickly as possible and also give you reasonable notice of such requirements and all such third party contractors will be accompanied by El Sueño staff, who will aim to restrict the working hours of any such inspections or work to between the hours of 10.00 – 14.00.

Please note that this is an ecological finca (farm), with restored older properties located in a rural agricultural area of Spain - so guests accept that some public services and facilities might also be very different to what you are used to at home, including working hours, slower WiFi speed and no domestic rubbish collection for example.  There will also be natural elements and all types of wildlife present around (and sometimes in!) the houses and across the finca, most of which we encourage as part of our ecological approach - including protected birds nests (which we cannot move) and a very natural seasonal appearance throughout much of the grounds with wilder areas of garden, as well as cobwebs in houses (especially higher ceilings) which are cleaned regularly, natural mineral/calcium deposits in showerheads, screens and kettles etc, seasonal insects such as water boatmen in the swimming pools, migrating birds or other insects attracted by food or people such as geckos, ants, wasps or mosquitoes, as well as normal agricultural activities with farm, working and domestic animals also living in the local vicinity.  In the properties, anything that might be directly harmful to guests or the properties themselves will be immediately and carefully removed or relocated by our staff as soon as we are aware of it, but otherwise all else will be checked and cleaned away regularly if necessary, or in case of wildlife simply left alone wherever possible or protected. We do provide a comprehensive section at the front of our 'Information Books' found in each property to explain how the property and finca works, with contact details for emergencies and general questions or assistance, as well as plenty of seasonal hints and tips for dealing with everything from keeping cool in hot weather or vice versa, reducing insects in the property and other local wildlife etc - which we ask all guests to kindly read and we hope will be useful.

Both the Casitas and Cortijo swimming pools are fed directly by spring water and currently cleaned using ecological silver & copper ionisers, with natural mineral sand filters - as well as being checked and vacuumed regularly (when seasonally open) by our caretaker.  Therefore, while there maybe an occasional seasonal cloudiness in the water caused mainly by organic material (such as Spring Mimosa blossoms, Summer dust & Autumn leaves) or sun protection products etc that have not been showered off - these do not affect either the cleanliness or guests' useage of the swimming pools at any time.  On these occasions, we prefer to use our ecological filtering methods to gently and safely remove these materials from the water over a day or two wherever possible, rather than chemical 'shock' treatments which can be harmful to both guests and our wildlife.  Please note: in case of broken glass or damage to the pool or its equipment etc, wherever necessary for the safety of our guests the pool will be temporarily closed for drainage and required checks - so we ask guests not to bring any breakable items such as glassware or crockery to the pools.

13.1  Every reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the Property is presented to you in good working order throughout, both on arrival and during your booking.  However, even with the best of intentions and a small team of hard-working staff, sometimes something can get inadvertently missed during a very busy back-to-back property changeover particularly if the previous guests have left it in a particularly dirty or damaged state which we are not aware of until we have access on their departure, or might take a short time to organise if requiring replacement or repair such as found during changeover from the previous booking (for larger items a note will usually then be left or you will be informed in person by a member of staff) - for which we apologise in advance and which guests agree to accept as part of the booking.  While we always endeavour to complete a property changeover for a check-in time of 16:00, there may be circumstances beyond our control which might mean that we have to ask guests to wait a little longer so that we are able to fully complete the necessary cleaning, repairs and checks - which guests agree to both understand and accept.

However, if you have any questions or cause for concern on arrival, or at any point during your holiday at the Property (as we also appreciate requirements can change particularly with little ones eg bed guard, or perhaps break or simply stop working during a booking just through normal wear & tear eg toaster), please immediately notify the Caretaker or our Office in person, by telephone or by email so that we can resolve this as soon as possible for you and you can get on with enjoying your holiday.  For our international guests, an English-speaking member of staff is available by telephone 24 hours a day for emergencies, as well as normal working hours via email in the office -while our bilingual caretaker is also on the finca every morning to clean the swimming pools etc, so is happy to offer general questions and assistance in person.  Guests agree to allow El Sueño to then make all reasonable efforts to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible, in a comparable and proportionate manner - using our own staff (and spares from a stock cupboard!) for immediate resolution wherever possible, although third party professionals or providers might be required on occasion which might take a little time to organise.  

We  always appreciate feedback  at any time,  so as to continue to improve not only your holiday but those of other future guests - so please do let us know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions!   However, with back-to-back changeovers during much of the year please note that concerns or complaints not reported promptly at the time to a member of staff during the rental period normally cannot be entertained or investigated later for you - and not after the end of the rental period and following changeover has been completed. We also kindly ask that the guests do not try to resolve, repair or replace the matter or item, particularly where white goods or utilities such as electricity, gas or water are concerned - not only for health and safety reasons to ensure the repair or replacement is of suitable (and matching) quality, but also to ensure that any existing guarantee or maintenance contract is not voided. Guests agree to give El Sueño both the opportunity and a reasonable amount of time in which to address and rectify any concerns as outlined in point 9.2 above – however, if they choose to vacate the property without either of these being allowed, no refund will be given.  

El Sueño will first investigate and then contact the main Booking Contact in writing by email, to address any points or concerns raised.  However, if the guest fails to respond or communicate in writing with El Sueño to discuss the matter, provide evidence, or claim any refund/discount within three months of departure (or within a specified period of time if shorter), then the entire matter is considered closed by the guest with no further action required and so any refund offer is automatically withdrawn - while if the security deposit is not claimed within six months of departure, it will be donated to a local animal charity. 

Please note that a guest's failure promptly inform a member of El Sueno staff of any issue that affects their booking eg housekeeping and maintenance concerns or unreasonable behaviour of other guests; refusal to allow a member of our staff to either inspect and/or resolve the matter directly in a commensurable manner and within a reasonable timeframe; provide their own resolution without El Sueno's agreement (including own repair or replacement of an item); give a threat of a poor review, or use any other method to either claim a refund, financial sum, 'free'/discounted holiday , other forms of compensation, or to avoid paying for damage or extra cleaning costs - will also not be accepted at any time during or after the booking.

14.1   Regarding lost or forgotten property, we will inform the main Booking Contact by email of any items of value that are left behind after a booking (eg electrical items, jewellery, personal documentation), which they may be asked to identify for security - but not general items such as clothes, shoes and beach towels, as we have found these are regularly left behind or discarded deliberately due to luggage limitations or wear and tear.  

However, all items including clothing etc will be kept for at least two weeks after departure  -or once we have returned the security deposit after direct communication with the Main Booking Contact who is responsible for all such items of guests within their booking, whichever is the later.  This will enable any guest to contact us and request the return of their item(s) accidentally left behind by post - the cost of which will be deducted from the property's security deposit, or charged separately if this deposit has already been returned.

Due to very limited storage facilities, general items of clothing, shoes & towels etc will then normally be disposed of to a local charity if it is not claimed*, while valuables such as jewellery, electronic equipment etc will be kept on site for at least three months - but not indefinitely. Please note that El Sueño take no responsibility for items lost or left behind and may charge a reasonable administration fee to cover the costs of storage and handling of lost property, such as postal costs to return any items (including packaging and insurance as required) - which will be deducted from the security deposit, or charged separately if this deposit has already been returned.

*We recycle/donate any items left behind and not claimed by guests to local charities that works with the rescue and re-homing of stray cats, and dogs, or preserving the local environment and wildlife.   Therefore if guests have any unwanted items at the end of their holiday that they would like to donate, please leave these behind with a note so that our staff are aware of your request.



15.1  El Sueño  shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any of your personal belongings or for any injuries sustained by you or any of your guests during your holiday and booking of the property, including travel delays resulting in a shorter booking period, the wear and tear or breakage of personal or property items, theft or loss of items, accident, illness, acts of god including weather, actions of other guests or third parties - unless caused by the deliberate negligence or fault of El Sueño. We strongly advise you to take out holiday and personal insurance to cover any eventualities that may result in you having to cancel all or any part of your holiday including before departure; as well as for any loss of personal possessions, or personal accident, liability and medical expenses for you and all your guests that might arise during your trip. 

El Sueño retains the right to update or amend these Terms & Conditions as and when required, which are applicable to all existing bookings.


* For the purposes of simplicity, the term ‘El Sueño ‘ is used within these Terms & Conditions to represent the owners, their Office and staff, the finca and all its properties as well as Dragon Palm SL (the Spanish Limited Company El Sueño is operated through).  

(c) 2015 El Sueño